Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogs Creating a Buzz with Businesses

Businesses are buzzing about blogs. A blog--short for Web log--is simply a digital diary or online forum. Technically speaking, a blog is an online journal that is regularly updated with content and built on a platform with automated syndication. The appeal of blogs is driving businesses to find ways to capitalize on these unique public journals. Almost 80,000 new blogs are created every day, according to the semiannual State of the Blogosphere report from Technorati, a Website that indexes blogs. There are some 14.2 million blogs in existence, 55 percent of which are active. Business publications are rapidly bringing blogs to the front lines, boosting their presence on the Web and search engine performance.

How Businesses Are Using Blogs

Blogs can be created to cover almost any topic. Here are some of the ways you can use blogs to benefit your business:

* News -- Since blogs can be syndicated, any content addition is easily distributed throughout the Web. Company news can make great content.

* Education -- You can use blogs to educate consumers about products and services. Google's Adwords Blog is a good example of this usage.

* Commentary -- Insightful analysis of industry-specific news and events makes great blog content.

* Promotion -- Blogs can be a great channel to promote new products or services. This promotion can be achieved through a combination of news, education and commentary. Blogs and Search Engines

Blogs tend to perform well with search engines. Search engines have historically looked for content-rich Websites that are updated frequently. Search Engines like unique and popular content; they also favor content with keyword links. Blogs contain these elements, which makes them a great match for search engines.

In addition to helping your Website rank well in search engines, a blog can provide quality links back to your main domain. Plus, it can expand your traffic and presence on the Web, all of which can add up to more sales.

Tips for Developing Blogs

Here are a few quick tips to help you have a successful blog:

1. Keep it simple: Blogs should be easy, quick reads that link to other pages that are more in-depth.

2. Keep it fresh: Blogs should be updated frequently. Good content should be added a minimum of three times a week.

3. Provide useful content: Add content that is useful for others to read and your blog's popularity will grow.

A blog can help you better serve your customers, plus enhance your brand image online.

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